We have returned
to in-person worship
Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
As we return to in-person worship, please note that seating is limited in our sanctuary.
We can seat 35 people with the present restrictions.
Masks are required, as is the use of hand-sanitizer or hand-washing
when entering the building. Social distancing (6 feet apart) must be adhered to.
Pews will be marked for safe seating.
Worship will last 30-40 minutes. There will be no singing and limited music.
No bulletins or hymnals will be used.
ONLINE WORSHIP will continue for the immediate future.

 Online giving is now available, scroll down on this page to "Support United Church Financially." We rely on tithes and offerings to keep the church's bills paid and that does not change at these unprecedented times. We are in prayer for the United States and all the countries of the world.

The church is located at 430 Morris Avenue in Rockville Centre.
Call us (516-766-2975) for more information. Or email us unitedchurch2@outlook.com


Support United Church Financially

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Looking for a place to explore your faith? United Church stands ready to welcome you and to encourage you to proceed at your own pace. Hang back or jump right in, or do a little of both.

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Still wondering if this church is for you?

Maybe you've been away from church for a while.  Maybe you've never been associated with a church.  Maybe you're wondering if you'll fit in/find a place of love/be fully embraced.  We urge you to give United Church a try!  We're small, so that makes us feel like family.  But, we realize that worshiping in a "family" church is tough.  When you're visiting, you might feel as if you've been invited to a party where you don't know anyone!   But, we want to make it easier on you.  Sit where you're comfortable.  Participate as you feel called, or just sit back and take it all in.  Talk with Pastor Scott after worship.  Ask questions.  We don't want our "family" church to be a negative on your relationship with God!  We want it to enhance that relationship! You are welcome here. Bring your questions. Bring your whole self. 

We're praying for you.  We'd like to do it in person.  Why not drop by this Sunday?

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