All hanging baskets, flowering annuals and perennials do best in full sun (six to eight hours a day). Baskets should be checked for water needs at least once a week. In drought conditions, at least every other day. Try to water under the leaves if possible. Fungus can grow on the leaves of some plants when they get wet on a regular basis.

SOIL EXCEPTIONS: Lantana prefer light watering. Wave Petunias prefer soil to be slightly dry before next watering.

FEEDING: It is best to use 20/20/20 fertilizer on any annual whether in containers or in the ground. Simply mix two tablespoons to a gallon of water and feed every three weeks through the growing season. Geraniums will produce leaves and few flowers when overfed.

DEADHEADING: Removing spent flowers by pinching them off is recommended to encourage new growth/flowers on most annuals (need to be planted yearly) and some perennials (return yearly). Wave Petunias and New Guinea Impatiens do not require dead heading.  

Annuals should be placed 4 to 6 inches apart. The closer  they are the taller they will grow. The further apart they are, they will mound, especially begonias.

Since each perennial has its own needs please check on Google to see particular needs of the plant. Perennials should be planted in odd numbers (3 plants 5 plants, etc.). Lining them up like little soldiers is a no, no if you want an attractive garden!


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