But what about?
You have questions about God? Jesus? Faith? Sin? "Those" people?

We're progressive...

If you're looking for a church home, United Church is a great place to consider. Maybe you haven't been in worship for years. Perhaps you're hesitant about being judged or questioned. Maybe you're riddled with guilt. Perhaps you're wondering if all the negative stuff you read about churches and pastors and judgmental Christians is true or if there really is a congregation of acceptance and open arms. Maybe your heart is telling you that it's time you explored something more.

Maybe you've been burned by a church in the past. You asked a question and as a result your faith was questioned! Not at United Church. We welcome questions and different points-of-view. If you're not sure about this or that, feel free to explore it in a safe, welcoming community.

We're progressive. That means we believe that "God is still speaking" and it's our responsibility as progressive Christians to listen! What is God saying to the world today through our prophets? Our children?  Those who struggle with poverty?

We're progressive. That means our understanding of the Biblical text continues to evolve as we experience God's revelations for today's world. What was appropriate for Biblical times just might not work today. Yes, that might get us in trouble with some, but for us, the Bible is a living document, not a rule book.  As an example, that whole mixing of fabrics thing you might have heard about (in Leviticus 19:19) doesn't really apply to us today.

We're progressive. We believe in God's created diversity. That's why we welcome our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and non-binary siblings into the full life and fellowship of the congregation. None of this "hate the sin, love the sinner" stuff. Your sexuality is not a sin. We believe that God created you to be just the way God wanted you to be. So, hold hands with your partner in worship. You don't need to hide at United Church! Celebrate your relationship in its wonderful diversity.

We're progressive. We don't ask you to tell us what you believe as we know that many things contribute to a person's belief system. Perhaps you struggle with the resurrection of Jesus. We'll help you to consider it in another way! Or maybe you wonder why God allows suffering in the world. We can talk about that together as well. Maybe you just wonder whether there is a God or not. That's tough stuff, but we're here for you as you explore that as well.

We're progressive. That means we're moving forward. We celebrate and learn from what's been, but we also believe that we need to focus on today, even as we prepare for the future. We journey together. We work together. We struggle together. And when something gets in the way, we do our best to figure out a way around, under, or over it!  Just as God calls us to do in life.

We're progressive. We want you to live your faith. Don't wall it up in the church. Don't leave it in worship. Take it out into the community. Make your faith inform your life and help it to transform the lives of others. Your faith will inform your relationships. How you interact with the stranger. What you are called to do in your "spare" time. Your faith means a whole 'lot more when you do, when you live it.


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