United Church 
Nursery School
Our school year begins on September 13th!
We are eager to welcome all the children.

Need more information about the school?
Email: unitednurseryschoolrvc@gmail.com
or call 516-766-5635

Our Director Jacqueline Hoey and all the staff at United Church Nursery School look forward to welcoming you and your child!

Our Mission

At United Church Nursery School we offer developmentally appropriate programs for children ages 2 through 4 years old with a focus on developing the whole child and their spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth.

Our nursery school is a warm and caring place where children can receive the necessary support and guidance required for a positive first school experience. Through gentle facilitation, attention to individual needs and respect for unique learning styles, our children grow in self confidence and in the ability to relate to one another.  They develop curiosity and learn to experience the world in an expansive way.

Our program is based on our understanding of the developmental characteristics of young children.  We believe that play is the primary vehicle through which learning progresses in the early years.  Sensitivity to the needs of parents of young children always underpins our efforts.  The program is church-related, recognizing the importance of God's family and love for all people as vital in a child's development.  We welcome children of all faiths and races, respecting the uniqueness of each child, both their gifts and needs.

Contact Us:

Call:  516-766-5635

Email: unitednurseryrvc@gmail.com

Latest Information:

2021-2022 Flyer - Click here

Please email or call (516-766-5635) the school to get more information about our programs.

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