White Gift Christmas Pageant
Our annual White Gift Christmas Pageant has a long and rich history, going back over eighty years. For 2022, the pageant is being reimagined for a new generation and all generations! Offered this year as part of Sunday worship (Sunday, December 11th at 10:30 a.m.) the White Gift Christmas Pageant will draw participants from the congregation. Everyone will get an opportunity to play their favorite character! This "no stress" approach to the pageant will weave scripture, story, and song together to create a living nativity scene. "White gifts" will be presented near the end of the pageant, hence the name! Gifts from New Ground will be wrapped in white tissue paper and brought forward to lay at the manger. Don't have a gift? Gifts of cash will be received as well to purchase gift cards for those ministered to by New Ground.
We invite you to join us this year for the White Gift Christmas Pageant. Your participation will make all the difference! We anticipate lots of joy as we examine the characters of Christmas and find the "best fit" for each one of us.

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