A little different every time we gather!


What to expect in worship:

  • Our "pandemic informed worship" lasts about 45 minutes.
  • Our worship services are different each time we gather, but contain many of the same elements.
  • One week we might start with a hymn, the next week with a praise song from the UCC praise and worship song book, or a simple chorus.  
  • Our time of prayer is an opportunity to praise God for the joys in our lives and to bring to God those things which are making our hearts heavy. We sometimes respond as one to prayers, at other times we're asked to be one with God individually. There are times when we draw on our bulletins in prayer or list the things that are on our minds. 
  • Pastor Scott preaches from the lectionary (an established series of readings from the Bible) in an accessible down-to-earth style. His messages focus on the practical, frequently reminding us of the cost and joy of discipleship in the twenty-first century. Pastor Scott strives to have one "take away" from the message each week.
  • While we don't currently have childcare available during worship, children are always welcome in worship. We realize sometimes parents need a break and want to worship distraction-free. If infant care is needed, please call the church at 516-766-2975 on the Thursday or Friday before so that we can make the appropriate arrangements for you.

After-worship fellowship is currently on pause. We hope to return to after-worship fellowship refreshments in September.